Well, it goes without saying that the Whistler DH park is the Worlds cutting edge facility.
The park is leading the way both in terms of trail design, construction and maintainance, but also with regard to the medical, mechanical and coaching facilities available.
Where else in the World could you be riding big mountain trails with rapid response medical assistance on call throughout the day.

Whistler Bike Park - Fast Facts

Opening Date: May 16th, 2014

Closing Date: October 13th, 2014


Fitzsimmons Zone = 1132 ft / 334m
Garbanzo Zone = 2107 ft / 643 m
Total ridable vertical not including Peak tours is 3239ft / 997m

2014 Events:

Crankworx: Aug 8 – 17, 2014 - World renowned 9 day mountain bike festival.

Trails & Access

Number of Trails: 55+ trails currently under construction

Number of Lifts Open: 1 dedicated Lift in Fitzsimmons Zone & 1 dedicated Lift in Garbanzo Zone.

Whistler Mountain Bike Park:

Over 55 trails with new trails opening up each season including world renowned trails for every level of rider including A-Line, Upper & Lower Crank It Up, Freight Train, Schleyer, Joyride, New Joke. With two chairlifts dedicated entirely to mountain bikes and two complete zones which each rival most mountain bike parks in size, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park has lots of options for all DH, Freeride, All Mountain, and XC Crossover inspired riders.



Triple Hump Roots

Trails are graded in the same way that ski runs are classified. Easy green through to tough double black diamond.

  • Green Trails - Ideal for beginners.
  • Blue "Flow" / Tech" Trails - For progressing riders or warm ups.
  • Black Trails - Advanced Riders.
  • Double Black Diamond - Expert Riders Only!
  • Pro Line - really!
  • Skills Centers - rider development areas


The Riding:

The Park offers trails to suit all levels and with the provision of easy starter trails like 'Easy Does It', complete beginners can get a taster of what DH biking is like before committing them selves to the complete experience.

The Riding ranges from super smooth forest double track trails to steep and gnarly singletrack lines up in the alpine... and everything in between.



Follow this link to Bike Park pass pricing information


what's it really like?

Most of the hype in Whistler surrounds the bike park, you have all read about A-line, Dirt Merchant, and Freight Train from the various articles in magazines and the advertising, but what is the park really like?
In truth, it is as difficult or as simple as you want it to be - I refrain from saying easy as even the green runs can have some surprises hidden in there!


greenThe park is basically graded like a ski hill and the runs are colour coded according to difficulty.
There are GREEN runs such as Easy Does It and Ho Chi Min that flow gently down the hill, taking in some of the viewpoints and with bridges over the high speed trails that run beneath.

blueThe next level of difficulty is the BLUE runs such as B-Line and Crank it Up, these tend to have a few more obstacles such as roots some wide ladders and berm's (banked corners). There are a two excellent blue trails dedicated to learning the North Shore style of riding - Smoke and Mirrors and Devils Club. These have many ladders of varying difficulty and line you up well for the Black Trails.

blackThe BLACK Trails are marked in two levels, single diamond and double diamond (expert trails) now you are moving into higher drops, big roots, slick rock sections, table tops, occasional gap jumps and some difficult ladder sections. Trails such as Freight Train, A-Line and Dirt Merchant are the high speed almost BMX style descents, packed with big flowy berm's, smooth table tops, and the occasional drop or gap jump to keep you on your toes.
dbl_blackClown Shoes and sections of Joyride have a distinct North Shore flavour, while Schleyer, Crack Addict, and the higher elevation Joyride and Original Sin have everything all rolled onto one long trail.


So in a quick conclusion, the park is an incredible way to build skills and progress your riding within your own boundaries, if you can ride a bike you will love it.