For those of you who have yet to visit Whistler here is a brief explanation of our town.

We are based 100kms North of Vancouver along the stunning Sea-to-Sky highway.The town began as a small lakeside resort that grew into a world renown ski town through the 60's don't think of a quaint little European mountain town, think of a well designed and thought out North American ski town.

Home to 16,000 locals and with 32,000 guest beds you get an idea of scale. What sets this town apart is the forward thinking municipality, lift company, council and locals.
Almost everyone who lives here has chosen to do so as a lifestyle choice and all add to what is on offer.

The center of town is a mile long pedestrian stroll lined with restaurants, bars and shops.

The rest of town is spread over 16km along the highway and around the towns 5 lakes, all connected by a paved valley trails keeping you away from the main road.

Our main chalet, Lattitude Five Zero, is just 1km from the village and backs onto the Lost Lake trail network and a easy cruise to lost lake park for a swim.

For non riders the town has plenty going on and the lakes all have great beaches to relax and rejuvenate on.
Activities are endless, if you are a non rider or just want further information on activities offered have a look here

From a riding perspective its easier to break it down into two categories:

Lift Assisted (Bike park DH/FR) and The Valley, (XC/AM/Enduro)

The bike park encompasses All the lift assisted terrain. There are trails within it that can be ridden on any bike but is hard on both equipment and rider. A day or so on 6" of full suspension is OK, beyond that and you will be much happier on a dedicated DH bike.

What we call "XC" riding here encompasses everything else. The non lift assisted tails are endless and have something for everyone from beginner green trails and skills parks to world level enduro descents. Its worth noting that you earn every inch of these trails.

There is NO shuttle assisted riding in Whistler itself.