package guidingGuiding is offered as part of the Whistler Experience holiday packages on 5 days of the week.

BBB package guests will only be guided to a maximum group size of 6 riders, eliminating frustrating snaking gangs of riders who loose the benefit of guiding and impact both rider enjoyment and the trail itself beyond a reasonable level.
This is an upper limit and groups are set by rider ability, fitness, aspirations and expectations. Smaller group sizes are common.

Our focus is to ensure that you get the most out of your ridng time in a fun riding environment with a focus on helping you meet your personal riding targets.

For Whistler experience package guests, our guides also offer instruction in the afternoons at an extra but very reasonable cost. If you need help with your cornering, jumps and drops or just general riding skills we highly advise that you use this service. ($30 per hour max 3 guests per guide) Check out whats available on the coaching menu in the chalet.

We are Whistlers longest standing holiday company who are authorised and qualified to guide you in the bike park!
We are also the only company with tenure granted by the government in order to legally guide in the Whistler Valley.

All our guides are certified Whistler Mountain Bike Park guides and able to fully guide the park.

Why use our guiding package service?

A map can't say - 'this trail will suit your ability perfectly', nor will it help you develop the parts of your riding that are stopping you progress. Nor can a map say, today would be a great day for this trail as you seem a little tired' or 'your confidence needs boosting'. Or what about a map saying, 'lets make a left here and head over to this other trail as I don't feel you are getting the most out of this trail as it slightly beyond your comfort zone'.

Good guiding is very underrated - although finding good guides is often tricky.

Don't get us wrong though, self guiding is great and very rewarding when a ride comes together well.. but there's nothing worse than spending your one opportunity or a whole week of your holiday choosing the wrong trails and missing the best bits that a good guide with local knowledge would have taken you into.

Our guides live for biking and have a knowledge of the surrounding area far exceeding many others in resort.

Other Guiding programs and options are available at an additional cost.
We offer out of resort guiding options as well as focussed rider development from dedicated and experience coaches.
Check here for more information!