What do I need to bring with me?

A mechanically sound and operating mountain bike, helmet, backpack, water, snacks, tube, pump, basic tools.

What is 'on the bike' time?

This is the time you will spend riding your bike.

How long is the day?

The typical half day will be 3hrs, while the typical full day will be 5hrs,

It doesn’t seem like a long time in the saddle?

The riding here is typically a little more technical than the rest of the world and because you are riding from the valley floor in most cases and pedaling up a mountain it is physically demanding and average ride distances tend to be shorter.

What does a typical AM day consist of?

For our All Mountain days we try to incorporate two rides stopping in between for lunch at a tasty local lunch spot or for the hardcore one long giant adventure with a lunch stop at a scenic lookout. Dont worry two ride crew, there will be plenty of scenic lookouts along the way!

What level of rider or how fit do I need to be?

We suggest the half day ride if your a newer rider the technical skill and pace will be easier. It's also more cost effective.

Is the half day ride only for newer riders?

The half day ride is for anybody, all skill levels, all fitness levels, because each booking has a its own guide or two! then it will always be tailored to the rider

Two guides?

Yes if your group is large enough, we will provide an extra guide, for groups that are different levels or large enough we think its more fun and safer to have a second guide.

What bike do I need for AM, DH?

For AM we advise a around 5 inches of travel or if your a strong rider then whatever bike you're used to riding will be fine.
For DH we advise full DH bikes but again if your a strong rider and typically descend on a smaller travel bike then thats fine by us.

Do I need armor?

If you typically wear armor for both AM or DH then wear it and use it please. If you don’t normally wear it we advise knee pads at a minimum there are plenty of objects out there that will happily remove some flesh or destroy a knee! For XC/AM riding, a helmet is manadotory, for all DH trips a Full face helmet and knee pads are mandatory.

Whats Squamish DH like?

The DH riding in Squamish is typically non-manicured, non-machine built fast, steep, technical, natural riding. It does however suit most levels. There are jump trails if thats your flavour!

Whats Squamish AM like?

This is probably close to the pinnacle of AM riding, with a more modern trail network for all abilities it incorporates the different styles of each area of the Sea-to-Sky corridor in one vast network!

Whats the North shore like?

This is one of the birth places of mountain biking and although known for its tall, high, skinny wood features most of these have been destroyed by the forest and only the best remain, with its network being updated slowly it definitely has some of the best array of technical riding on offer.

Where do we meet?

We will agree the meeting spot together.

What if I want to setoff earlier or later?

We can arrange different meeting times if thats what you want, this is your adventure, we are here to show you the way and keep you safe!



guiding west sideGuiding

A guide is a qualified professional who shows the way by leading, directing or advising.
We've put the years in and seen it all, we want to show you the time of your life on every ride.
Each trip that we embark on from the moment we meet to the time we say goodbye will be an unforgettable experience.

For more info on our Guiding

For details of our trip packages

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire here


coaching whistlerCoaching

A coach is a private tutor who instructs, teaches and develops a rider.
We have the best coaches at all levels to teach you skills from beginner to racer. Everything is possible with an experienced coach and time dedicated to develop your riding skills.
We know the best practice areas and our coaching method gives you the knowledge to keep challenging yourself after the session.

For more info on our Coaching

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire here


Legal Note - British Columbia requires that commercial operators are required to obtain a Tenure to operate a for-fee guiding service on govermnet owned (crown) land.
Bear Back Biking are the ONLY company in Whistler holding a commercial mountain bike guiding tenure.

BBB are also fully insured to operate guided mountain biking activities.
About our Tenure




Getting a qualified coach to help build your skills is the best investment you can make in yourself or your bike.
For the small cost it entails you cant save much weight you can barely buy a new tire and certainly for the cost of a major performance upgrade like a new bike, new suspension or even new wheels it will give 10 fold the performance benefit of any of these parts!

Now we are not saying we don’t like new shiny things because we do but we also understand and recognize that everyone has skills that could do with sharpening, or bad habits that need breaking and there is no better way than with a qualified instructor.

They are able to read the small nuances of the bikes behavior and your own body language to help you build better technique and control over you bike!

Don’t be a passenger, be in total control over every changing circumstance, be a rider!




Whistler Guided Riding

The West Coast of British Columbia has the best mountain biking the world has to offer, starting from the North shore of Vancouver and heading North along Highway 99 to Squamish, on to to the world renowned Whistler and right through to Pemberton. This is collectively known as the Sea-to-Sky corridor.
Each area has a mass of cross country riding (XC) but to most of the world this is not the same as XC racing this is ‘All mountain’ (AM) or ‘Enduro’ riding but here on the West coast this is Mountain biking at its best.

Looming large old growth rain forests, huge granite slabs and some of the thickest deepest loam on Earth! Here at Bear Back Biking we can show you the best so you get the most out of your time on the bike, no need to be worried about map reading or navigating, our guides show you the goods so all you have to do is pedal and smile!

Our professional guides and coaches are first aid trained and our management are trained in the outdoor emergency care first aid program (ski patrol level certification).
All guides are experienced mountain bike guides and have undertaken various coaching courses with vast experienced in guiding guests in the mountain environment.

All our staff completely understand and respect the responsibility that we have towards you.

Why use a guide?

A guide is able to understand your needs as a rider and can quickly determine which is the best area for you to ride in. They will pick a few trails to suit your ability always selecting trails that will work well in the current weather conditions. A guide is able to recognize parts of your riding that are holding you back and can change route to boost your confidence or can decide to use another trail so you get more riding from your day. Buying (or Having) just a map is unable to do any of these things!

Good guiding is very underrated - although finding good guides is often tricky.

Self guiding is great and very rewarding when a ride comes together. But spending your one opportunity or a whole week of your holiday choosing the wrong trails and missing the best bits that a good guide would have shown you can be frustrating. We know it's worth its weight in gold to have a guide for just one day (or 'day one') of your trip as this will impart far superior local knowledge in every aspect of the area, lay of the land, location of different trails, what to avoid due to conditions or rider ability and of course the 'must rides'! Our guides live for biking and have a knowledge of the surrounding area exceeding many others.

We strongly believe in offering exclusive guided trips. This is so you, our guest, are getting the full attention from your guide and so your guide is the right person for the job, selecting the correct route with alternative options.
We will avoid pairing up different levels of fitness and skill levels together so our guests get the most out of their day and have the best experience possible meaning that each trip has its own guide. However if you are all in a group together and understand each others needs and abilities we have no problem accommodating this.


As our base location is in Whistler we offer half day and full day guided trips from the resort.
Whistler Offers everything from scenic and informative cruises for novice riders looking to tour the valley in a safe and predominately paved trail environment to introductions into West Coast technical riding for progressing riders as well as seasoned experts looking to cover the same kind of terrain that elite riders on the Enduro World Series would race.

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All Mountain day trips:

We offer All Mountain (AM) day trips leaving from Whistler providing you with transport and a guide to explore Squamish, the North Shore or Pemberton to experience another vast network of BC's ‘XC’ trails all with there own individual characteristics.

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Squamish DH shuttling & guiding:

We also offer a Squamish DH day leaving from Whistler and shuttling in the Diamond head area of Squamish, this consists of 3hours of shuttling, a guide and transport from Whistler to and from Squamish.

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On location guiding:

Riders not requiring vehicular or logistical support, but would prefer the service of a guide to maximise their on trail experience can book a guide only.
Our half day and full day guiding trips are also available on the North Shore, Squamish and Pemberton starting from their respective locations.

PricingBooking form (as above)

Rainbow - Heli-Biking:

Superb vistas over Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, a wicked adrenaline buzz from a "hot" heli unload and an unforgettable descent. More info here.

Multi-day trips:

Coming soon!! But for a sneak peak we will be offering a multi-day Sea-to-Sky trip and a Sunshine Coast trip.
Check back soon for more details! If you need to know now please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the rough details!


All of our trips can be individualized and tailored more to each booking, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



'On Location' All Mountain

Availability June - October

squamish freds

Times (suggested) 09:30 - 12:00  OR  13:00 - 16:00
Riding Time 3 Hours
Pricing $150 [1 to 3 riders] +5% tax
+ Cost + $25 per additional rider [max 6]
Ability Levels: greenblueblackdbl black
Locations: Whistler - Squamish

'On Location' Whistler Bikepark

Availability June - October

bike park lift

Times (suggested) 09:30 - 12:00  OR  13:00 - 16:00
Riding Time 3 Hours
Pricing $150 [1 to 3 riders] +5% tax
+ Cost + $25 per additional rider [max 6]
Ability Levels: greenblueblackdbl black
Locations: Whistler Bikepark

  'Destination' - Squamish AM

Availability June - October

squamish am

Times (suggested) 9:00 - 17:00
On Bike Time 5 Hours
Pricing $500 [1 to 4 riders] +5% tax
+ Cost $50 per additional rider [Max 6]
Ability Levels: blueblackdbl black
Locations: Squamish

'Destination' - Squamish DH

Availability June - October

lost lake guiding

Times (suggested) 9:30 - 15:30
On Bike Time 3 Hours
Pricing $700 [1 to 4 riders] +5% tax
Cost $75 per additional rider [Max 6]
Ability Levels: blueblackdbl black
Locations: Squamish

To schedule guided mountain bike tours in Whistler, please contact our guiding team here.

Aim to be ready to ride for the start of your guiding session and expect that getting a rental bike sorted may take 30 minutes. We'd rather your session time be spent out riding the trails than having you stuck in a store!

"On Location":   No vehicular or logistical support - The riders are in town they want to be guided

"Destination":    Providing return transport from Whistler and a guide at the destination

Mountain biking is an inherently hazardous sport. Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver and are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate coverage on their personal medical insurance in order to participate.
Our guided tours are fully insured, tenured and our guides are experienced and highly qualified and respect their obligations towards providing a fun yet safe mountain biking experience.





Whistler Heli BikingHeli Biking is a superb experience and one that is a remember forever trip!

Never been in a helicopter before? Today is the day for the best epic heli-biking singletrack in Whistler!

Ascend to over 6,000 feet, where you will experience endless panoramic vistas of the Coast Mountain Range, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain.

This unforgettable adventure is the ultimate freeride mountain bike experience...this is a must do while in Whistler.

We are aware that there is significant media surrounding this superb experience and that it might be a "must do before you're 50'' experience.

If so, we suggest that you contact us directly to discuss the private charter of a helicopter.


Charter Pricing

The helicopter seats 4 riders + guide and costs $1300 +GST
Split 4 ways thats $325 per person, more if you're 2 or 3.

Groups of more than 4 are possible but not recommended as we like to make sure trail use and impact is kept to a minimum, but 2 helicopters (Max 8 + 2 guides) gives you a 20% price break and costs $1960 + GST for the 2 heli's ($245pp split 8 ways)

Contact us directly to discuss Whistler Heli Biking