We are in the almost unique and extremely fortunate position to have some of the industries leading companies and brands supporting what we are bringing to our guests.
The following companies have all seen what we do and how we do it and all feel that we reflects their ethos of bringing their brand to the riding public in a pro-active way.

We are honoured to be supported by these companies, and only too happy to say that there isn't a component on our bikes that isn’the best out there - the leading brands in the industry!





Gravity Light ComponentsWe are proud to say that Gravity have been backing us since 2011. Based out of Seattle we get to speak and ride with the guys behind it all and they have stepped up to the plate with quality equipment that even our guides can do no harm to. With thousands of km of bike park hammering, its a testament to how strong the gravity line is.

We're running the Gravity Light Bars and Stems on all our bikes. The stuff is exactly what it says on the tin - Light and suitable for gravity riding. That said, its light enough to run as XC kit too as a stem weighs in at just 145g for a 45mm stem! The 710mm bars are an equally svelt 320g with the new 740mm 2012 Gravity Light CSI (Carbon System Integration) bars a measly 240g!

The stuff looks and feels great and is working faultlessly so far!

Check out the Gravity Light component groupo here



continental_vanWe've been in the incredibly fortuneate position over the last couple of seasons to have our bike shod with Continental rubber.

We had a long history with another top tire brand before that, but we can safely and honestly say that Continental rubber has revolutionised our riding.

So, whilst we've been able to reap the benefits of Black Chilli tires for a couple of years, and have happily been able to share our positive experience with our guests, we figure its time to put the proof in the pudding and give all our guests the option to get out there and ride our favourite Whistler tires on your own bikes!

You may well be hooked!



As a rule, our guides strive to build your progression whilst doing so by building your confidence.

What better way to ensure you can fully rely on your braking and cornering traction than to be running on a set of Continental tyres!

We're supported by Continental and dedicated to showcasing just how impressive their range of tyres are.

So, if you want to give them a go, then we're happy for you do demo a set.

For DH duties, we run their impressive 2.5 Der Kaiser and Baron tyres. 

For Whistler XC guiding, we run their 2.2 Trail King (Rubber Queen) tyres in both UST and tubed versions.

We also have a few other tyres available:

2.3 Baron
2.4 Trail King (Rubber Queen) in UST and Tubed
2.4 Mountain King II
2.4 X-King
2.2 Mountain King II
2.2 Race King 

Something you want to try? Just ask and we will rubber you up for the day



Scott USA came onboard with Bear Back Biking back in 2006 when we started our guiding fleet with their brand new and unrivalled Ransom all mountain bike. Complemented by the DH workhorse High Octane, we had our guiding needs covered.

Since then our relationship has grown and evolved and our guiding fleet now includes every bike you could possibly need for riding the diverse trails that Whistler's riding offers.

Whistler has every kind of mountain bike trail that you could imagine so Scotts superb cross section of bikes suit our needs perfectly.


Bike Range:

Scott Spark - 4" Full Carbon XC race bike
Scott Genius - 6" Carbon or Alloy Marathon Trail bike
Scott Ransom - 6.5" Carbon All Mountain Trail bike
Scott Voltage FR - 8" Freeride bike
Scott Gambler - 9" Downhill bike