mbuk 257 spruce

Read MBUK's Float Plane Fanatasy Ride

Doddy is one of those 'get out there and get it' kind of writers. He rides his bike like its his full time job and manages to produce the quality of editorial to back up the claims that he's a journalist as well! Talented guy.

Doddy was over for a Norco product launch with the UKs Fisher Outdoors NORCO guy - Hawsziee, and they made teh most of their time with us lapping up everything we could throw at them. Great guys, great week of riding, great resulting editorial!

Add in the exceptionally talented Jordan Manley behind the lens and this feature is killer. See more of Jordans work here 




switchbacks_whistler Heidi Swift - Switchbacks magazine

Read Switchbacks 'Gone To Whistler'

Heidi Swift is a freelance writer and photographer based in Portland, Oregon where she lives with two mean cats and one rad Sicilian man. In addition to being cyclocross-obsessed, she enjoys good whiskey, romantic rain rides, and frequent international cycling escapades. Despite most often trending toward “tomboy” she has a penchant for very red nail polish, large scarves and obnoxious designer sunglasses. She’s an Editor-at-Large for Peloton and Switchback magazines, and cycling columnist for the Oregonian Newspaper. Her work has also appeared in ROAD Magazine, Bicycling, Cyclocross Magazine, Wend Magazine, VeloNews and CyclingNews.com. You can follow her misadventures at GritandGlimmer.com or catch her on the tweets: @heidiswift.



big_air_therapyRead Mountain Bike mag's Big Air Therapy

Angela Sucich, elite mountain bike racer and freelance journalist came out for a few days riding and brought the talented Stephen Wilde with her to capture their 3 day adventure.

Escorted by our sister company WCFG and taking in the riding in Spruce Lakes with Tyax Air, Rainbow Mountain and Pemberton, the trip was a jam packed epic.

Working on behalf of Mountain Bike magazine, her superbly Wilde styled article still remains one of our favourites.







wmb_comfortably_numbRead MBUK's Comfortably Numb

Pete Travers, rider, writer and all round nice guy came back out for more Whistler action with the intention of seeing what all the fuss was about Whistler's IMBA rated epic - Comfortably Numb.

Stephen Wilde again joined the action and along with top trail dogs Bodhi and Alfie we headed off into 24kms of stunning trail workmanship!

Comfortably Numb is almost unique. 24kms or never ending technical XC trail riding where you have to be on your game to get'er done. 

Possibly the greatest BC XC trail out there?


Comfortably Numb is an IMBA epic trail, but we're very careful with which groups we take into teh trail in the 'standard' direction!