The Government of Canada owns the majority of land throughout the country and therefore BC.
The land owned by the Government is called Crown Land.

Companies (or individuals) who Crown land used for Adventure Tourism (AT) purposed are required by law to hold a permit to operate or whats is often referred to as Tenure.


Adventure Tourism (AT) refers to tourism operators who provide outdoor recreation
activities (including guide services, transportation, lodging, feeding or
entertainment) for compensation or reward, received or promised, from residents
and non-residents on provincial Crown land

Back in 2006, Bear Back Biking began the application process in order to be awarded a license of occupation to operate commercial guided mountain bike tours on Crown land.

On December 15th 2009, Bear Back Biking became the first company in BC to be awarded tenure to operate commercial operations on crown land and were granted a 'license of occupation' by the Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB)

Crown Land tenure is there to ensure that Land use gets managed in a responsible way with all stake holders obligated to maintain and manage the land usage in a suatainable manner.

Whether it be Whistler Experience package guests out on an 'included' guided day, or an external guest on a specific guided day ride or coaching session with our staff, BBB have to pay the government a fee to have that person using crown land for the purpose of the ride.


So, unless we had tenure, but did at least have a municipal business license, the only places we could guide guests would be Lost Lake, the paved Valley Trail and parts of the Flank trail - oh.. and any logging road.

Fortuneately for our guests, we do have Tenure for Whistlers XC trail network, that means we can legally guide you anywhere and make your experience absolutely unbeatable!


As at February 2014, Bear Back Biking remain the only company in Whistler to hold a comercial guiding tenure for Whistler.